Profit and its price(3). Доход и его цена.

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It is claimed that the only aim of business is to make a profit. Moreover, it is thought that running a business without making benefits makes no sense. Actually, from an economic point of view, the statement "businesses should do anything they can to make a profit" is thoroughly true. However, from a moralistic and legal point of view that statement seems not quite well sustained.

I consider that to make a profit means that a person deals with business to be as flexible as possible. It means to put new technologies in application or to explore new scientific areas. Furthermore, to invest in individual improvement of the employees" professional skills and to be awake of the global market tendencies are things absolutely necessary for the modern management of business.

Unfortunately, business is not a quite fair game. It is well-known that sometimes businesses have their own "dark" sides such as tax evading, illicit trade or disloyal competition. In addition to this, many employers make their employees get overworked without any extra payment.

Another point worth mentioning is that businesses do not care enough about the environment and they frequently pollute it. Laws in most countries prosecute these actions, although some businesses keep breaking it without any punishment.

I consider that businessmen sometimes forget about utter limits in their ambitions to make a profit. Generally speaking, I do agree that businesses should do anything they can to make a profit but do not forget that anything does not mean everything.

If I ran my own business I would do it in a way that would neither ruin my name nor corrupt my conscience.

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