Hurry(2). Спешка.

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People are different in many aspects. Some people are always in a hurry to go places and get things done as fast as they can, while others prefer to take their time and live a life at a slower pace. Either way is good, but I choose the first style due to two reasons: extra time and more chances to do other things.

In the first place, my personality makes me do things fast and go to places in a hurry. I always keep one thing in mind: if I save some time, I could do more things. From my experiences, I used to finish all my homework after classes in order to have more of my own time at home. I will read novels or I will do extra exercise for Math or English. I find it is better to my study, and my life will be more interesting. This is the major reason that I prefer to get things done fast.

In the second place, I have many experiences that let me understand that the faster pace, the better effects. For a long time, I feel secure at a faster pace, since it will leave me a chance to go over my work and correct my mistakes. I think it is useful in many cases especially when writing a test. And even when I am going to see a movie, I prefer to get there earlier for a better seat. There are many examples in daily life that show the advantages of getting things done fast.

Of course, for those who prefer to take their time, they will have some good reasons too. But I like to live life at a faster pace. It is not only because of my personality, but it also because of my experiences.

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