Games and adults (1). Игры и взрослые.

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Some people think that games should play an important role in the life of everyone including adults; others think that games should be left for children. There are many arguments for and against both positions, but in my opinion everyone should have a hobby and playing games is good.

One of the most cited reasons against playing games in adulthood is the lack of time. Most games are very time-consuming, and to play games most adults have to sacrifice time they spend with their family. I have a friend who was fascinated by recreating great historical events especially battles. He spent all his free time on studying old uniforms and rules of conduct. Even on work he searched for information about ancient wars on the Internet. His productivity declined sharply. As soon as his boss found out about his passion, he was fired.

On the other hand, many games are good for entertainment in spare time. For example, it is much better to play in role-playing game, than spend time watching numerous soap operas on TV. Some games are very good for people"s health, for example followers of Tolkien spend a lot of time learning how to use swords and bows.

Some games are very good at improving brainpower. For example many experts agree that chess, reversi and other intellectual games enhance thinking and concentration. Also a person who actively play chess stand less chance to get Alzheimer"s disease comparing to average people.

Also it is easy to bridge a generation gap by playing games. Games help to bring people together. Many families I know that like to play games are very well-knit families. Parents spend much more time together with children if they have similar interests.

Adults should not spend all their time thinking of and playing games, they should balance time they spend at work and with their families. If they have children, sharing their interest with their children is extremely recommended. In conclusion, I want to say that playing games is a very good hobby for adults.

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