Games and adults (3). Игры и взрослые.

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I agree with the statement "Playing games is important for adults." In this challenging world, adults work very hard to earn a better living and thus do not get time to keep their body and mind fit. By playing games, adults not only can remain fit but also can enjoy life. Games can be of two types: physical and mental. The former keeps the body fit, whereas the latter keeps the mind fit.

Physical games include indoor games like table tennis and outdoor games like football and basketball. These games not only increases blood circulation but also burns the excess fat present in our body. These games keep us fresh and thus improve the quality of our life. These games also teach discipline, co¬operation, respect for others, build our self-confidence and teach us how to face defeat bravely, both in games and in real life.

Mental games include chess, puzzle, quiz and IQ tests. These games increase our mental ability and thinking power. They teach us how to make decisions, increase our knowledge, improve our way of thinking and our memory, thus keep us mentally alert and allow us to make the right decisions in life.

By looking at the above reasons, I conclude that games, whether they are physical or mental, indoor or outdoors can improves our lifestyle and help us achieve our goals. Therefore, playing games is important for adults.

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