Characteristics of a good friend (2). Черты хорошего друга.

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Almost every person in the world needs friends. Different people hold different opinions in choosing friends. Some consider intelligence as the most important characteristics in their friends; others regard a sense of humor as the most significant personality. As far as I am concerned, reliability, which means faith, confidence and trust, is of vital importance. The reasons go as follows.

Firstly, based on reliability, friendship can be lasting. On the one hand, when your friends are faithful, you would love to get in close touch with them. For instance, you could reveal your secrets to them without worry about being betrayed, and tell them your pleasure so as to double the joys. On the other hand, when you are loyal to your friends, they would also like to keep relationship between each other. Undoubtedly, you will be frequently invited to friends" get-togethers and discussions, in which your opinions will be fully taken into consideration since your friends respect you and know your suggestion does good not only to yourself but also to them as well. Thus, willing of both your friends and you to continue the formed friendship will lead to your perpetual friendship.

What is more, reliability makes real friendship more solid and deeper. Take borrowing money as example, it is almost completely sure that, probably besides your family, people you ask for money are your most reliable friends. You turn to them because you trust their sincerity to give you help, and, at the same time, they exert themselves to meet your need because they are confident of your attitude to your friendship, to be more specific, your promise to return money. Friendship between those friends and you, thereby, gets further development and finally becomes really invaluable friendship just in coincide with the old saying- a friend in need is a friend indeed.

In conclusion, reliability can be a norm to exam the real friendship and motivate people to deepen their friendship. When I choose my friends, reliability is the foremost factor to be considered. Not only should my friends be reliable to our friendship, but also I should too.

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