Friends. Друзья.

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Friends are as precious as priceless treasures sent by angels. Every individual are longing for sincere and congenial friends. Among various virtues that contribute to an ideal friend, I believe that it is honesty that I value most.

The foremost reason for an honest friend is that I can always count on him whenever I am involved in some trouble. As the saying goes? A friend in need is a friend indeed? Come what may, the loyal friend always gives me a feeling of security and warmth. What is more, it is my sincere friend that inspires me and shows me the courage to carry on. Some so-called friend may draw back in the case of a serious adversity while the honest friend would reach out his hands to me, unconditionally and sincerely.

Another subtle explanation is that an honest friend always laudable and exemplary. It is a great honor and fortune to own such a convincingly honorable friend and, definitely, following his step as an honest person is never too excessive a thing to do. Honesty is, most of us believe, the indispensable part of a person"s valuable traits/peculiarity. Never can a person achieve many accomplishments nor have a high prestige without the conspicuous sparkling quality: honesty. There are numerous instances closely fit the notion, just like the American president George Washington. His bravery to be honest was acknowledged by the story readers and it was of no accident that he later became one of the greatest American presidents.

In addition, the third reason I would like to mention is that a truthful companion points out my shortcomings and it is definitely a tremendous help for me. Unaware of the innate defects, I am apt to make the same mistake again and again unconsciously. Friends, some of who are more or less sophisticated and artful, are reluctant to rectify my mistakes in fear of irritating or offending me. Things would be completely different if I am fortunate enough to have a truthful friend. By his hearty advice, I am persuaded to go the right way; by his pertinent blame, I am able to be free form making repeated mistakes; by his good intentional warning, I am alert to the conceivable danger.

All in all, it would not be too hasty to determine that honesty is the enormously significant virtue of friends. A genuine friend is, without doubt, always a great helper, a responsible teacher and furthermore, an instructive advisor.

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