Are difficulties valuable lessons for the future(2)? Являются ли трудности ценным жизненным опытом?

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No one in the world can escape some kind of difficulties for perhaps they are given by fate and they will accompany us for a whole life. Success is one of the most important life goals for everyone, but every mature human being has to admit that success will be a blank dream without difficulties.

From childhood, my parents and teachers told me that there is no flat and paved road for me and I have to explore the road by myself. I do not know what are waiting for me in the unknown future, but what I know is that if I withdraw without courage to face difficulties, I will never reach my success. Every time when I met difficulties, I always felt upset and sometimes I felt so hopeless that I think the world is closing the door on me; but looking back afterwards, my life experience always tells me that what I felt at that time was wrong. Life consists of all kinds of difficulties and these difficulties are the most useful lessons given by life.

We bring about most of the difficulties by ourselves. It is a rule that making mistakes will result in difficulties, and by dealing with difficulties we will reduce mistakes. I think that is a process of making progress. At the same time, difficulties can teach us how to face life and help us to gain courage. Once you have courage and deal with all difficulties with a healthy mood, you will really know what life is like and to some extend, you have achieve a kind of success.

All in all, difficult is the best teacher for us.

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