Having your own business or being employed (1)? Иметь свой собственный бизнес или быть нанятым работником?

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There are many advantages for people to work for themselves and have their own business. For example, you do not need to worry about getting up too late for work; you do not need to worry about the relationship between you and your boss; you may go to work at any time you want, because you are the boss of your own business. You may lead a more spontaneous and free life. In spite of this, personally, I would like to work for someone else.

No matter what kind of business you own, a domestic or international company, or a small one like a snack shop, you have to take care of many things such as a license, rent, your employees, your competitors, product marketing, even the weather if you own an umbrella shop.

That is what I do not like. I do not like a complicated life. I am just a normal female who has not much ambition either in my life or in my career. I am used to having a simple life, a regular life with discipline, without much risk. What is most important for me, besides work, is that I can still have free time for things I enjoy doing, and do not need to think about business all the time. For me, being a business owner might have too much risk and stress.

Of course, being an employee, you are subject to discipline, and pay attention to your boss, but that is a part of life, just like for others, paying attention to their own business, earning a lot of money, and having risk are parts of their lives.

In a phrase, I would rather work for someone else. I just want to have my own simple and regular life!

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