Having your own business or being employed (3)? Иметь свой собственный бизнес или быть нанятым работником?

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Although the idea of owning a business is an exciting and admirable one, it is not always a realistic option, especially for a new graduate like me. On the contrary, I would like to work for someone else after my graduation. The reasons for my view go as follows.

The most obvious reason is that I can learn plenty of practical business and administrative knowledge as an employee. If I were given the opportunity to work at an outstanding company such as Mckinsey & Company or IBM, I certainly would absorb its first hand management skills accumulated for years. I would also benefit greatly from its various valuable training programs. With the help like that I can avoid many unnecessary trials and failures that may be involved in my own business path.

Another positive aspect of working for someone else lies in the development of my broader social contact network. As I just step into adult society, I am still timid and lack of communication skills. Working for others will offer me opportunities to get access to all kinds of clients, customers, and employers. Undoubtedly, adequate exposure to them will teach me how to communicate with one another, how to deal with socializing problems, and how to establish my own personal social network.

Moreover, working for an employer, to some extent, can build up nice personalities that are essential for my future career. As we all understand, management knowledge itself does not lead to success without a combination of broad social network and nice personality. Working with colleague helps me to cultivate nice dispositions-cooperative, responsible, caring for others, outgoing, etc.

All in all, working for an employer suits my situation perfectly. Therefore, from what has been discussed above, I would rather choose to be an employee and prepare myself in all fields, if possible, for my future self-employed.

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