Are classmates a more important influence to a child (1)? Оказывают ли одноклассники большое влияние на ребенка?

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I strongly agree that classmates are more influential to a child"s success at school than parents. This I support with the following reasons.

A child spends so much time with his classmates at school. They study together, play together, and write exams together. Psychologists agree that during their first years at school, children are more influenced by their classmates on their emotional and mental growth.

In addition, a child has nothing to hide with his classmates in terms of academic performance. For instance, a child who does a bad job in a math exam will be revealed on his grades; a child who wins the first prize in oral debate contest will be rewarded before the whole group of students. So his classmates know both his good and bad sides. However, it is easier for a child to conceal something to his parents while describing his conduct at school-often limit to those good points.

Finally, classmates are of similar age with a child. They share so many interests in common. So a child is more attracted by his classmates" activities. If he is in a group of children who are interested in creative activities, he will more likely to think of inventing something. So classmates are very helpful in a child"s success at school.

From the above discussed, I agree that classmates will influence a child more in his success because they spend more time together, they understand him better than his parents, and they have so much common interests together.

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