Inexperienced, cheap workers or experienced workers (1)? Неопытные, но недорогие или опытные работники?

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When it comes to whether an employer should hire workers with less experiences and lower pay, or to hire experienced workers with a higher salary, since there are always advantages and disadvantages of the two, and there are always different situations, my personal option is that different strategy should be applied for different situations.

For situations where basic and simple jobs which requires less training, and cutting down cost is vital for the survival of the business, I would prefer to hire someone who has less experience and willing to work under a lower pay. For example, a factory should hire more inexperienced laborers to work on the part of the plant where less skill but more physical strength is needed; and a restaurant owner should hire a cheaper kitchen hand rather than more chefs to cut down the cost of operation.

On the other hand, for situations when more knowledge and skills is crucial for a job, I would tend to hire someone who is more experienced and would rather pay more salary. Training an inexperienced person for an advanced position can cost a great deal of money, and a mistake an inexperienced makes sometimes can bring disaster to a company. Therefore an experienced personnel is a valuable asset for a business. Sometimes the value cannot be measured by money. A company may lost millions of dollars of revenue when some important positions are vacant and it has to look for someone who is qualified or take a lot of time to train a new person.

In conclusion, when we decide whether to hire a inexperienced, cheaper worker or an experienced, but more expensive worker, it is always depend on the nature of the business and the position, the amount of training required, and of course, the employers" personal preferences.

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