Is homework necessary (1)? Нужно ли домашнее задание каждый день?

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It is commonly known that students could increase their values of knowledge by absorbing all necessary information given by their teachers during the lessons and by practicing and analyzing a broad variety of assignments, known also as homework. I firmly support the necessity to assign as much homework as possible since students could improve and understand given lessons more effectively.

Every year, frustrated and upset students complain about having too much homework assigned by their teachers. It is understandable that unwillingness to do their homework could be resulted due to many temptations attracting young students in every day life. After intensive learning provided at schools, students usually want to relax and enjoy watching interesting movies, playing video games and spending the leisure time with their friends. Hence, doing assigned homework is usually postponed for later time or ignored at all. This tendency of not doing homework could result in poor and negative students" results on later tests and would probably destroy the willingness and important habits to study at home.

As far as I am concerned, daily homework should be assigned within different numbers of exercises according to the overall interest and enthusiasm demonstrated by students during the lessons. An enormous amount of homework should not be given if most students tended to be discomforted by not understanding given lessons. In this case, teachers should focus on providing more accurate and elaborate explanations of their lessons unless the students are showing potential interests for getting further information. Hence, students, who are completely satisfied and fascinated by provided learning materials, could polish and improve the gained knowledge at home by doing their homework enthusiastically and effectively.

Finally, I would like to say that daily homework could give students the opportunity to improve and enhance their knowledge gained during the school time. Also, students" results of daily homework could show many teachers whether their learning materials were well introduced and explained.

Moreover, it could be interpreted as an important source of information for teachers to make the crucial decisions of whether to begin new learning objectives or revise previously discussed lessons by assigning more homework.

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