What subject will you study (2)? Какой предмет ты бы хотел изучать?

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If I could study a subject that I have never had opportunity to study, I would choose to study how to use the Internet. There are a lot of advantages that the Internet can bring to us. For example, it can get us informed timely, expose us to a lot of chances of knowing other peoples and their cultures, and help us obtain the materials for our studies conveniently. If I know how to use it, I can take the advantages of it.

The Internet can get me informed timely. There is always a lot of news on the Internet that is broadcasting 24 hours everyday and updating timely. I can read the headlines, the financial news, the sports news, and the weather reports every time when I connect my phone modem with my computer. From reading the news on the Internet, I can know everything happening around me. It is very important for me to deal with my daily life with this information. It gives me a lot of chance to know different people. I can know what they are thinking about and how they are living their lives.

The World Wide Web includes every country"s information. I can travel internationally on the net without going out of my house. That is helpful since people in the world should understand each other to make sure that we could live together peacefully.

The Internet gives me the convenience of getting almost any useful materials for my study. I can just type a few letters and click the search engine to get them. I can do them in the early morning in my pajama while having my breakfast at the same time. Nothing could be more convenient than the Internet in doing research work like this.

In short, if I could choose one subject to study, I would definitely choose to study the Internet for its timely updating news and its convenience. I would also like to travel to new worlds and meet other different peoples. That will be really helpful for me to live a life successfully.

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