Automobiles improved modern life (2)? Автомобили улучшили нашу жизнь?

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Since the first automobile was introduced to our life, we can notice that there are a lot of changes happened around us. As a modern transportation, it not only brings convenience to our daily life, but also enhances the efficiency.

One of advantages of using automobiles is that it can give the users much more convenience compared with other transportations, such as bikes or buss. For me, I like to go to the supermarket once per week and normally buy many foods at one time. Can you imagine that I need to carry a lot of foodstuff and maybe take a crowded bus to reach home? How inconvenient it is! Suppose that I have a car, and then I will feel very easy because what I need to do is to put all my stuff at the back of the car. I can go back with nice music and happy mood for the shopping.

On the other hand, automobiles can save our time and energy. Driving the automobile, we can go wherever we want to go. We can decide the destination and reach there faster than other transportation means. Assuming that a train takes about two hours to reach Suzhou from Shanghai, but a car only needs about one hour. We can use the saved one hour to enjoy the views or do anything that we want. After all, time means a lot to modern people. It can mean money to businessmen, knowledge to school students and profit to companies. By means of cutting time with the help of automobiles, we can increase the efficiency of our society.

Of course, I must admit that automobiles bring a lot of problems such as traffic jam and air pollution. But these outcomes cannot be avoided during the development of a society. I believe we will have a better solution to solve all these problems.

Generally speaking, I would like to say automobiles have improved modern life through providing more convenience to people and increasing efficiency. We should encourage the society to support the automobile industry and develop different kinds of automobiles to meet various needs.

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