Automobiles improved modern life (3)? Автомобили улучшили нашу жизнь?

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When Henry Ford manufactured the first automobile, he did not realize how he would affect our life. Now expanding road systems and thousands of automobiles are playing an important role in our society. But every thing has two aspects. Some people think that the automobile has improved modern life. Others think that the automobile has caused serious problems.

The automobile has a very close relation with industrialization. It is a part of industry itself. Industrialization is a symbol of a modern society. Automobiles carry all kinds of goods and people from one place to another. They function as human"s blood. Without automobiles our country would return to a completely agricultural society. No one likes to live without modern conveniences such as electricity, cars and so on. It is sure that the automobile brings convenience.

But automobiles also bring some troubles. Each year many people are injured in traffic accidents. Another serious problem is pollution. Thousands running automobiles emit poisonous smokes. Their motors and sirens give out deafening sound. All these are harmful to our environment. How can we deal with it? Stop using automobiles? It is not realistic. We should design better automobiles. It gives off less gas and runs more quietly. We should build wider roads and obey traffic rules. All problems are cause by human beings. We certainly can resolve them by ourselves.

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