Automobiles improved modern life (4)? Автомобили улучшили нашу жизнь?

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It is a well-established fact that automobiles have contributed to the modern life in a favorable way. Automobiles improved different aspects of the human life, but, on the other face of the coin, cars have their crucial impacts upon our life. It is our turn to minimize these defects and galvanize other favorable sides. Hereinafter, I will present and analyze this issue and provide a personal perspective.

The automobile is considered amongst the most beneficial inventions that ever existed. These means of transportation provide unprecedented mobility, flexibility, and privacy. Cars have abridged the travel time among distant locations and provided a self-scheduled means of transportation. A car user is not obliged to obey any predetermined departure and arrival schedules, barring engine check and fuel filling.

Moreover, the car represents an elastic means of freight transportation. Automobiles allowed more goods and products to reach remote areas or locations that lie far from public transient system. Also, this rendered products less prices based on less transportation cost as well as more pervasiveness.

Admittedly, services like mail and tourism benefited intimately from the automobiles. Taxi added to the diversity of flexible and on-order mean of transportation. Also, special services like home delivery could have been too slow or even not existing without cars. Adds to the favor that many are interested in racing or rallies that represent car-based sports.

On the other side of the fence, automobiles contributed to the aggravating environmental conflicts. Car exhausts that contain compounds like carbon monoxide dioxide, nitrous and sulphoric ions threaten the public health as well as the environment. Phenomena like acidic rains and green house effect more or less are correlated to automobiles exhausts. Moreover, automobiles are considered expensive mean of transportation, especially with their close relation to roads and asphalt industry.

Another disadvantage is the intruding of some new habits like car captivity. It was found that some persons are biased to car usage even if it is more expensive, slower, or liable for traffic problems. Car captivity is considered intimately related to obesity and heart diseases. Moreover, increasing car ownership introduced traffic conflicts like congestions and delays. Imprudent driving habits leads the way for fatal car accidents, and it is extremely impressive to know that accidents victims exceeds the number of second war casualties.

Ultimately, automobile, like all successful facilities in our life is double-bladed weapon. Alleviating automobiles disadvantages like producing cleaner fuel, unleaded petroleum, natural gas as a fuel, or even electrically driven engines as well as improving the public transportation system should absorb these impairments. We must also anneal the merits by introducing articulate traffic control systems, improving the quality of pavements and other favorable aspects.

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