Automobiles improved modern life (5)? Автомобили улучшили нашу жизнь?

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Although automobiles have improved our modern life in some way for its speed, convenience, and capacity of carrying freights, we have had to pay the price for it. Now, as more and more automobiles have been putting into use, the problems that the automobile has caused are seemed to be more and more serious accordingly. These problems, in my mind, like the accidents, the air pollution, the damage of the ozone layers should be given more attention than anytime before.

There are a lot of problems that has been caused by the automobile. It kills hundreds of thousands of people and disables many more every year. It drinks up our precious fossil fuels that cannot be replaced. New roads for the automobile also eat up our precious farmlands while many children are starving all around the world. These problems are really serious and disturbing many of us.

The most serious problem caused by the automobile is air pollution. It is said that it emits millions of tons of harmful gas into the air everyday. The dirty air harms our human beings health badly. It can cause a variety of diseases such as plumbism, insomnia, mental disability and even certain kinds of cancer. That is really terrible.

Air pollution caused by the automobile can give rise to even more serious consequences. One thing, it will destroy the ozone layer that protect the lives on the earth from the hurt of the strong and direct ultraviolet rays. Much more ultraviolet can also destroy the fragile ecosystem on the earth. It is just the life circle in which we survive. Another thing is that the air pollution caused by the automobile can lead to the global warming. If the weather is getting warmer and warmer, the icebergs scattered in both of the two poles of the earth will be melted, which will cause the sea level rising and flooding all the cities and villages along the seashores. The lost of the lives and property will be countless. That is really a tremendous disaster.

I do not mean to deny the fact that the automobile has improved our modern life in many ways. It acts a vital role in our social life. It also supports our industries. It is indispensable in our modern life. We cannot imagine how we can live a modern life without the automobile. However, the problems it has caused today, such as the lives and properties lost, the dirty air and the consequences of the pollution, seems to be more dangerous and obvious than anytime. Therefore, it will never over do to emphasize the seriousness of these problems and urge the governments and other responsible organizations to solve them.

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