A high-paying job or quality spare time (1)? Высокооплачиваемая работа или качественное свободное время?

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Some people may prefer to have a lower-paying job as long as the job asks for shorter working hours so they can have more free time spending with their friends and family. However, I would rather be given a higher-paying job with longer hours, even if I would have little time with my friends and family. I do not much care about the free time nowadays; I really care about money. Besides, all my friends and my family members are usually busy working. Furthermore, if I do not earn a lot of money, I cannot spend my free time with my friends and family happily.

I really care about money because my budget is too tight nowadays. I am so poor a student. The tuition is high, but I have to pay for it. I also have to pay my rentals of room and pay the board. I have to pay the transportation fares, the books, the clothes and a lot of daily supplies. All these seem to be a heavy financial burden to me. So, I have to look for a job that could offer me a higher salary.

My friends and my family members are all very busy all day long. Some of them are busy working; others are busy studying. They are usually having little free time to spend with friends and family, including me. If I were given a shorter hours job and more free time, I could not meet them anyway.

Besides, even if my friends and I have managed to find out some leisure time to spend together, if I have not enough money, where the fun will be? Any meeting or party costs a fortune, even the simplest picnic. If we have no money to spend for our gathering, we have to just sit over there and chat. We will feel boring soon. Knowing this, I am eager for a higher-paying job so that I can get the money ready for the meetings in the future.

For all these reasons, I would like to have a higher-paying job to support myself and earn enough money to meet my busy friends and family sometime later. Although this job cannot offer me more time to spend with my friends and family now, I believe that I will compensate it after I have become some kind of millionaire in the future.

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