A high-paying job or quality spare time (2)? Высокооплачиваемая работа или качественное свободное время?

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Between a high-paying job with long hours and a lower-paying job with shorter hours, I will definitely choose a high-paying job with long hours, although I might have little time to spend with my family and friends.

Firstly, money can help my dreams come true. I need a lot of money to do many things. I want to buy a huge house with a garden and a swimming pool. I also want to have an expensive car. Maybe my relatives need my financial assistance. Especially, I hope my family can have a kind of comfortable life. My children can go to a famous private university to get excellent education. If I have no money, all of my dreams cannot come true.

In addition, to me, making a lot of money is a sign of success. I think that no one respects a poor man in today"s society. From newspaper to television, almost all media focus on wealthy people instead of the poor. I cannot let the others consider me an incompetent man.

Of course, making this choice means that I have to pay a price. Perhaps, I cannot spend too much time with my family and friends. But I never regret my decision because I believe that both my family and my friends can understand me. For my family, I think they should know whom I do this for. For my friends, they will think how success I am and they will proud of me.

In conclusion, money is so important to me that I must choose a high-paying job regardless of the consequences it will cause.

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