Do grades encourage students to learn (1)? Оценки мотивируют студентов учиться?

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When it comes to the issue that whether grades are the purpose of student"s education, different people have different ideas. As far as I am concerned, the grade can promote student"s attitudes toward learning.

I take this view on account of the following reasons. First of all, grades are the objects that demonstrate students" abilities in specified fields that they learned. Since there are lots of drawbacks of other evaluation methods, examinations or grades are the most efficient and fairest way to describe a student"s capabilities. For example, a student who achieves the best grades in all subjects is undoubtedly the best student in his class.

Second to take into account is that grades are possibly the definitive factor whether one student can obtain a decent and well-paid job. Having not many working experiences, students can only prove the proof of their abilities by showing exam records to their employers.

Last but not least, contrasting to the better grades the his classmates make, a confident and self disciplined student will continue making effort on his study. Such kind of a grading system certainly encourages students to learn.

However, just as the English proverb goes, "a coin has two sides." Those who maintain the opposite view are partly reasonable that grades could not demonstrate all the abilities that a student has, such as communication skills and survival skills.

Despite the factor I outlined, we can easily conclude that, generally speaking, grades are very important for student"s study, and they surely encourage students to learn.

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