Do grades encourage students to learn (2)? Оценки мотивируют студентов учиться?

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A lot of people claim that marks in tests encourage students to learn. I agree with this statement, because examinations are a good way for a student to review what he/she has learned; test scores are a standard measurement for students" learning ability and knowledge level; and the test system can benefit students" future.

First of all, tests are important for students" learning. Attending classes is not enough for students to learn the subjects no matter how carefully they listen to what the teachers say. They need examinations to review the lessons. In most cases, grades or marks are the only means by which teachers measure students" learning ability and learning progress. Grades encourage students to study for examinations, and it is a good system for students to learn.

Secondly, test scores are a standard measurement for students" learning ability and knowledge level. Most people would agree with this, therefore universities all over the world take test results as a standard measurement to give admission to new students, to offer fellowships, and to decide whether to grant a student graduation. High school teachers use test results as a means to evaluate the effects of teaching, and students" learning progress. By test scores, teachers also know each individual student"s ability to learn.

Thirdly, test results can stimulate a student to work hard on his courses. The testing mechanism encourages students to work hard in order to achieve a better result; they will devote more time on study, and develop a "never give up" spirit. This will not only benefit their study, but also teach them a truth, that everyone needs constant learning and hard working in order to be useful to this society. Students who have developed such learning habit and never give up nature will not only have good performance at schools, but can also superior to others in other aspects; for example, such natures are important factors even after finishing schools. I believe most students understand the importance of these qualities and impacts on their life; therefore they know how important it is to work hard and try to achieve a better score.

In conclusion, marks can stimulate student to learn, and good marks can give them advantages in going to a good university and finding a good job. Therefore I strongly support the statement that marks can encourage students to learn.

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