Do grades encourage students to learn (3)? Оценки мотивируют студентов учиться?

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In many schools, teachers evaluate students by their grades. Many people think that it is unfair and one-sided to evaluate students by grades and will discourage students to learn. I believe, however, grades encourage students to learn. The reasons can be analyzed as follows.

To begin with, using grades as a standard to evaluate students can give students a pressure to learn. No stress, no motivation. In order to pass or get high grades, students must study hard. They must read more books, do their homework carefully. Pressure helps them learn more knowledge. The worries that they will not pass simultaneously force and encourage students to learn.

Grades can encourage students to compete with each other. The modern society is full of competition. Students can learn the concept of competition through grades. At the same time, they can develop the spirit of competition. To compete with others and obtain good results, students must work hard to get high grades. Competing for grades at schools can make students more adaptable to the society.

Grades can also give students confidence and feeling of success. When they get high grades through hard work, students may think that they gained a great achievement. The feeling of success will encourage students to study harder and harder. At the same time, the success achieved at schools encourages students to succeed in society.

From the above analyses, it is not difficult to get the conclusion that grades encourage students to learn. Grades give students the pressure and make them compete with each other so that they must study and work hard to succeed.

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