Has computer made life easier? Компьютеры сделали жизнь легче?

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Computers are involved in our world form sorted trash to satellite control, making our life easy, convenient and efficient. Obviously, it is a great revolution of human being. It is odd that some consider that computers make life more complex and stressful. I suppose computers will become a necessity, like food and water to the mankind.

Computers have changed people"s life style, in a way that we can concentrate on scientific research rather than wasting time on data analyzing and calculating, for computers are much more efficient in dealing with these strenuous jobs. Many activities could not be run in their present form without computers. Examples are the banking systems, and the weather forecasting systems. How is it possible to deal with data-switching between banks and clients simultaneously and accurately without computers? As we known, weather forecasting requires multiprocessing data from the meteorological satellites and simulating the weather change, which are easy jobs for computers.

Although the knowledge of computer is not easy to acquired, especially at early stage, the IT industry has been making the computer operation system more friendly and at the same time more powerful. Therefore, using computers to handle problems is not the specialties of computer majors only. Even children can use computers to do their homework. We can now benefit a lot from computers in our day-to-day life.

One of the concerns is that computers may cause some troubles when we rely too much on them, such as various computer viruses and the Y2K problem. Nevertheless, computer experts will surely solve these problems and improve the computer technology. In this sense, the computer technology has much potential to develop.

After all, the computer is one of the most important inventions in the twentieth century. It has formed a new era in our life, and it affects culture, industry, science, education and other areas. Computerization is a trend nowadays, and computers are being used in many areas. Computers like any other technology hold the key to increased productivity, which will benefit all of us.

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