Is it better to travel with a tour guide (2)? Путешествовать лучше с гидом?

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When people are asked to list their hobbies, travel is among the most frequent words quoted. Some would choose to travel by themselves alone, some others prefer to traveling with a few close friends or family members; while still others, including myself, agree that the best way to travel is to join in a group led by a tour guide.

A good tour guide, who has professional knowledge and rich experiences about certain places, would make our journey more efficient and enjoyable. Traveling to new places is an important way to know our world in the perspectives of cultural diversity and geographic peculiarities. However, we often find ourselves confounded and do not know what to do next when we are in a new place. A tour guide may help us to arrange the optimum itineraries and schedules. He leads the group around to show us unique tourist spots that we should not miss. His explanation on certain scenic spots is also useful for us to understand further about the new place.

Besides, a tour guide would ensure the maximal security of the group member. Tourists are always warned against the potential risks ant pitfall, since strangers are easily attacked. An experienced tour guide teaches his tourists some tips and skills to guarantee the security. The tour guide is particularly indispensable in any emergencies, as he can make a timely response and right decisions. A tour guide, besides his training and knowledge, is also a person with a good sense of humor. Far away from our friends and families, tourists often feel lonely sometimes during the journey, especially when on the way to a new destination. A good tour guide are skillful enough to relieve the loneliness by telling jokes and interesting stories, playing magic tricks, and so on, which make the journey joyful and pleasant.

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