Is it better to travel with a tour guide (4)? Путешествовать лучше с гидом?

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There are basically two ways of traveling: traveling in a group led by a tour guide, or traveling independently. There are advantages and disadvantages fir the both. By traveling in a group, you will enjoy the companionship, comfort and safety of group travel, and learn more information about the place from a tour guide; while traveling independently, you can maintain the freedom, flexibility and individualism. Some people say that for most people, the best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. I agree with this opinion.

Firstly, you will enjoy the companionship when traveling in a group. Usually a tour group consists of around 20 people. These people travel together, eat together and stay at the same hotel. During the trip, you can always find someone you like to talk with, and you will never feel lonely as when you are traveling alone.

Secondly, you will enjoy the comfort and safety of group travel. When traveling in a group, everything is pre-arranged by the travel service, and you do not have to worry about booking a ticket, finding a hotel, decide what places to visit, and so on. In the meantime, as you are not preoccupied with arranging the trip by yourself, you may find yourself concentrate more on the trip itself and enjoy it more. In addition, it is much safer to travel within a group. What a relief when you know that your personal safety is always taken cared of by others.

Thirdly, you can learn more information about the place from a tour guide, and not worrying about missing an important spot. The tour guide will take you to each spot that should be visited, and give you detailed information about the place you visit. You never have to find information about the places you are going to through the Internet or buy a book from the bookstore. Traveling in a group can save you time and money on information searching.

In conclusion, there are many advantages of traveling in a group. Although for young people, traveling alone is more advantages and stimulating, for most people, traveling in a group is the best choice.

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