Traveling alone. Я предпочитаю путешествовать один.

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Some people think is better to travel in a group that is lead by a guide. For my experience so far, I am inclined to believe that such a way of traveling has more disadvantages than advantages. Although is better not to travel alone and a guidance is always welcome, traveling alone is sometimes more desirable. The group structure is, in my opinion, quite relevant for a pleasant vacation. It is important for me to travel with people that have the same interests as I do.

Otherwise we might not agree on the spots we want to visit or the restaurants we want to eat at. Usually the most successful trips are together with my friends and not with a heterogeneous group of unknown people. I would rather travel alone, or with just one friend, than with a group whose company I would not enjoy.

On one hand, if for instance, I plan to visit a foreign country, a place that I have never been before, a place where people most likely do not speak my language, I feel it is better to have someone to guide me and to help me with any situations I may encounter. It is safer not to travel alone. It is also pleasant to have a guide that provides background information and interesting facts about the places that I visit.

On another hand, especially if I am to visit a museum, an art gallery, or a historical city I prefer to buy a map and walk by myself rather than with a guide that would impose on me his/her impressions and knowledge. I do prefer to discover on my own, and to choose what I want to see and to decide how much time to spent in one place or another. I think that the success of traveling in a group depends mostly on factors as the organization of the group, the abilities of the guide, and the place of destination.

I enjoy traveling in groups, but only in small ones, and with people that I know. Otherwise I think is better to travel on my own, to see what I like, where I like, and whenever I like.

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