Should boys and girls go to separate schools(2)? Должны ли мальчики и девочки учиться в разных школах?

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Should boys and girls attend separate schools? This question is very arguable. Before rendering my opinion, let"s consider the advantages for boys and girls to attend separate schools. Since boys and girls are different in many ways, they have different hobbies and the ways to learn new things. If they attend separate schools, the education can be more efficient because the school can teach them differently according to their personalities. But the disadvantages are greater. While boys and girls attend separate schools, there are few chances for them to communicate with opposite sexes, which will become a handicap for them to communicate with each other in their future.

As far as I concerned, boys and girls should not attend separate schools. The first and foremost reason is that people should have experience with the opposite sex when they are at school, because the society consists of both male and female members, and people have to learn how to communicate with the opposite sex.

Moreover, people have to learn from the opposite sex. For example, while females should learn braveness from males, males should learn carefulness from females. In addition, in a family, to learn from the opposite sex becomes more important to keep the family harmonious. In addition, the knowledge of the opposite sex is also important. Without such knowledge, dealing with the opposite sex in a relationship becomes extremely difficult.

Finally, as we can see, it is definitely important for boys and girls to attend schools together, so that they can learn from each other, communicate with each other and they can understand each other well, which is very valuable for their future.

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