Teamwork or working independently(1). Работа в команде или индивидуально.

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Some people like to work independently, while others would prefer to work in a team. Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people in a team or to work independently? Depending on different personal traits and working environments, people will have different answer to this question. I think being able to work in a team is more important for me.

First, the modern society and industry is a complicated system that requires teamwork, communication and cooperation among companies and individuals. Take a computer system for example, it comprises of hardware, operating system and software, which are manufactured separately by different companies. Not one single company can accomplish a computer system without using products and technologies from other companies. Similarly, in a company, communication and teamwork is more and more important among workers because a worker cannot do his/her work properly without interacting with his supervisor and colleagues.

Second, there are many advantages of working in a group than working alone. Teamwork provides a worker with a cooperative, friendly and enjoyable work environment. The team can also be helpful in responding to a worker"s questions and problems, therefore increase the work efficiency. Teamwork can also challenge a worker"s abilities and he/she can acquire valuable experiences from it.

Third, the ability of woring independently does not contradict with the ability to work in a team. For example, in a team environment, I enjoyed being a major contributor to my team. The fact that others depended on my work made me feel like I was doing worthwhile things. For example, I was in charge of the front end for the GUI. This was very valuable experience, because I know how important it is to work in a team.

In conclusion, I think the most important quality in a work environment is the ability to work with others in a team.

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