Who would you choose to build a statue for? Кому бы Вы поставили памятник?

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If the City Government of my town - Moscow asked me to choose a person whose statue will be built, I would choose no one. And here I can explain my point of view.

In my opinion there are already statues of many famous people who merit a statue. Right in the center of Moscow there is a great statue of Jury Dolgirukiy. He founded the Moscow City in 1447. He is also famous as a great defender of his people. If you look at this statue, you will see a very strong man riding a horse with a spear in his arms and the injured dragon lying on the ground. In my view it symbolizes the meaning of his deeds and people"s remembrance and respect to him.

Another statue in Moscow is that of Alexander Pushkin. He was one of the most famous Russian poets. He has made an important contribution to the worlds literature. His poems are realistic. They answered to questions asked so many years ago, and they can still answer today"s questions. His statue looks so natural as if he is alive. His statue is standing in the middle of the Pushkin Square. With a book in his arms, he looks very calm and contemplative.

Another monument that I consider impressive is the monument for people who died during the Second World War. I cannot describe it because there are no proper words to express the emotions I feel when looking at this statue. I just feel painful and sad for their death and as people cannot bring them back to life, they can only try to prevent future wars.

In conclusion since there are already enough statues for famous historic figures in Moscow, I would like to say that I prefer to see modern art sculptures in the streets of this historic city. I would allow young modern sculptors to exhibit their works in the streets.

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