Grandparents and their role in the family life. Роль бабушек и дедушек в жизни семьи.

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Who took care of you before you are eligible to go to the daycare? That grandparents taking care of their baby grandchildren is a tradition in my country. I would like people from other countries to adopt this tradition.

At first thought, this tradition seems to be unimaginable to people who are accustomed to the "parents-children breeding" model. However, did you notice that swarm of young mothers are roaming in the department stores with their babies during working hours? Young ladies quit their jobs and sacrifice their careers to look after their offspring. How many women can really keep up with their professional work after several years" absence from their positions in such a fast pace society? A babysitter may help you, but do they really care your baby as his grandma does? The answer is No. Grandparents ensure the love, care, health and education of your kids.

On the other hand, senior citizens gain more happiness through this day to day caring of their young grandchildren. Old people are sad about the aging and loss of work. When they spend their time with young kids, when the fun and loveliness filled in their soul, all unhappiness disappears. The moments they spent together with the babies are so sweet they can improve seniors" mental and physical health.

It is undeniable that the relationships of different generations will be tightened. Needless to say, kids will be tied with their grandparents in this process. I was brought up by my grandparents who are in their nineties now. I still call them quite often and buy gifts for them. I feel the strong connection among us.

From above analysis, I highly recommend our custom of grandparents give their hand to cultivate future generation.

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