Technology made the world a better place to live (4). Техника сделала мир лучшим для жизни.

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Being modern human beings, people nowadays have enjoyed so much from the highly developed technology. The improvements of technology have changed people"s life styles significantly. Admittedly, sometimes, technology worsens the condition. However, compared to its advantages, the bad impacts are so tiny.

In the modern world, we lead a much better life than our ancestors. We no longer need to be on guard all day to prevent us from being attacked by wild animals; we no longer live in rock caves which are dangerous and not comfortable; we can no longer put all of our hope to the God to pray a mild weather which will bring us a harvest. We can utilize technology to increase the quality and quantity of plants. Moreover, modern technology of medical treatment helps us cure the number of terrible diseases that will deprive the life of human.

Besides, technology provides us many unimaginable tools that benefit our life. We can travel from one place to another by plane only in few hours, while it would take our ancestors several months or even years in the ancient time. We use computer and robot to help us with hard and routine works. Computers also improve the efficiency of our work.

However, technology not only brings us gold but also rubbish. Pollution is one of the most terrible problems. The excess use of technology brings disasters to people and the world. The rivers and oceans are not as clear as before; the wild animals are disappearing. In order to save the world and also ourselves, people should limit their demand from nature and use technology in a sustainable way.

All in all, technology itself is neutral thing. Whether it will benefit people or do harm to people depends on the people who use it. Fortunately, most of the time we have utilized technology in the right way, therefore, the technology benefit our life much more than its harm.

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