Technology made the world a better place to live (5). Техника сделала мир лучшим для жизни.

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Standing at the turn of the new century, we observe the twentieth century as a great advance in technology. With those advances, human lives have changed dramatically. In some ways, life is worse, but mostly, it is better. So personally speaking, I am, and probably will always be, one of those who agree with the idea that technology has made the world a better place to live.

First of all, technology has brought with it a more comfortable life. Not only do we use air-conditioners and heating systems during summer and winter, but also do we experience many changes in food preparation methods to prepare delicious food. Due to the development of architectural technology, our living conditions are greatly improved.

Besides, traveling and communication are much more convenient nowadays. We can travel around by airplanes and railway networks. We can talk to each other through telephones. Twenty years ago, it was a dream that we could obtain information as well as shopping via the Internet.

The last but not the least, through the process of technology improvement, people begin to realize the fact that only reconciling with the nature can we maintain a sustainable development. That is why we today pay so much attention to environmental protection. Many factories have achieved economic growth without polluting the environment by utilizing certain new technology. Instances of the same sort can be multiplied indefinitely. When taking into account all these merits we may safely arrive at the conclusion that advantages of technology outweigh any disadvantages it may bring to our lives. Though I must admit that people sometimes invent some things that threaten the lives of themselves, no one can ignore the additional conveniences and satisfaction offered by technology, and just with such experiences the human being forge ahead swiftly to the future.

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