Modern technology is creating a single world culture (1). Современные технологии создают общую культуру для всего мира.

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I strongly agree with the statement that modern technology is creating a single world culture. Modern technology like computers and the Internet is bringing people together, and making the world smaller.

First of all, with the development of modern technologies such as computers, English is becoming the most important language in the world, and the importance of other languages is getting weaker and weaker. Admit or not, the most common language used today on the Internet is English, and this makes English becomes the one and only most important language in the world. On the other hand, computers can cross the barriers of human language. No matter where people are, and no matter which language people speak, they always use computers the same way, and basically they are using the same kind of software packages, like the Windows Operating Systems and word processing software packages. The computer language is also a universal language. Programmers from different part of the world can work in the Silicon Valley together. Although they might have difficulties in communicating in English, they have no problem at all writing programs with Java, or C++.

Besides, the development of the Internet is unifying people"s life style. Internet is being used in almost every corner of the world. People are doing almost everything with the Internet, like getting all sorts of information, shopping online, paying for their bills and checking their balances in the online bank. Over 90 per cent of people in the world use the same kind of Internet browser -the Internet Explorer, and the interfaces of almost every Internet page looks like the same, although they use different language and design. People from all over the world are doing the same thing each day on the Internet, and their living habit is becoming closer and closer with each passing day.

In addition, modern technology has facilitated the communications among people from all over the world, and therefore has resulted a single world culture. For instance, people can chat with a friend or a stranger who lives abroad over the phone, or the Internet, and they can also see and listen to him/her through a camera and a microphone attached to the computer. The ease of communication helps one culture learns from other culture, and brings the world together. Before people can see each other through TV, they used to wear their local costumes; nowadays T-shirt and blue jeans have become a universal custom for people. This is a concrete example that modern development is creating a single world culture.

Based on the points discussed above, we can see why I agree with that modern technology is creating a single world culture.

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