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Nowadays, no one can deny the importance of the Internet. Sitting in front of a computer, clicking a mouse three times, you can get access to the information highway, which provides you numerous valuable sources of information. Thanks to the Internet, people can quickly sell, advertise and share knowledge, idea, and personal feelings.

Because we are easy to access to so much information, it can create some problems to us. Children are easily suffering from inappropriate information on the Internet, since it is very hard to control information from the Internet. More and more porn pages are quickly emerging and continuously sending emails to children"s account. With their curiosity, children click on these links that lead to these pages, and see things that they should not have seen. They do not realize that they are unconsciously affected because their parents cannot examine all the content they view.

Consequently, children are now becoming the number one victims of sex abuse and criminals in America where it is very easy to access bad websites such as porn sites and sex forums. It is the Internet that probably causes problems to children if parents do not pay much attention to them.

Although the Internet offers us large amount of information, its reliability is dubious because many untrue news stories can be posted to it and cause confusions to many people. It is very difficult for us to find out what websites are reliable and what are not. My teacher, for example, is advocating her students to use books to study, research, or write a report instead of using the information on the Internet.

In conclusion, the Internet causes trouble to people, especially young people and children. Although people can get access to up-to-date knowledge and information, problems caused by using information from the Internet are inevitable. Therefore, while the Internet can provide a lot of useful information, its hard cannot be underestimated.

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