A period of time and a place in the past I would like to see (1). Время и место в прошлом, которое я бы хотел увидеть.

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One of the most exciting events of the last century was the end of World War II. By defeating the German army, Soviet, U. S and British forces stopped the tyrant Hitler in his way to conquer the rest of the world. All over Europe, the day that ended the war resembled a new era. Thus, it would be fascinating to witness how things changed dramatically from war and death to peace and bloom.

The end of the biggest war mankind has ever known also ended the Holocaust. Hitler and his administration decided that they should kill all the Jews in Europe. Thus, under the mask of "working camps" they planned to build special prisons, where they can deliver the Jews in order to murder them in various ways. This evil plan caused the biggest massive murder in the history of mankind. The day the war ended, reflects also the end of this evil murder, which followed by the recreation of the Jewish nation.

After the end of the war, nations started to rebuild themselves; big countries in Europe like Germany, France and England signed peace agreements that influenced the future of the whole region. Without borders between countries and with free marketing system, Europe gradually forgot the sorrow of the deathly war. At that time, Europe countries were famous due to the amazing achievements in sport, art, and fashion. For example, Picasso, one of the world greatest artists, inspired by this era and reflected his feelings in his works. Gradually, the situation of the economy changed, and Europe became one of the best places to live and to invest in.

"History repeats itself is a famous and practical sentence; being a witness to this kind of amazing change is experience that takes place once in a life time, thus this specific segment of history is extremely interesting and important, and if I would have the opportunity to choose time and place in the past - this is what I would choose.

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