A period of time and a place in the past I would like to see (4). Время и место в прошлом, которое я бы хотел увидеть.

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Till now, there is only one thing that makes me feel repentant of. My girlfriend died in Japan, and at that time I was doing my TOEFL test. If I could go back to some time and place in the past, I choose to go back to January 19th 2002...

My girlfriend"s name was Christina. Her father is a Japanese, and her mother is a Chinese. She looks as beautiful as an angel. During last winter vacation, I started to prepare for the TOEFL test. Of course, I did not spend enough time with her as usual. I only saw her once every two weeks. The night before the TOEFL test, she came to my house. I enjoyed her cooking, and everything looked fine as usual. The next morning, she cooked the breakfast for me.

Before I left, she kissed me and said "Jackey, good luck. I love you!" I replied: "Thanks, honey! I love you, too." The test went fine. After the test, my cell phone rang as I turned it on. It is one of my best friends, Moon. He said "Jackey, Christina went back to Japan. She is very ill. Now she is in the hospital and she is in the dangerous period. You have to come to Japan right now. We will see you in Japan!"

Christina is ill! How come I did not know this! When I finally obtained the visa and arrived at the hospital in Japan, Christina said, "I think your business is more important than me. I do not think you need me any more! Goodbye, forever." She went forever. If I could go back, I will stay with her and spend much more time with her. I could even drop my test for her.

In fact, it is impossible to go back! Christina has died. There is no another Christina for me, but the test will still be held four times per year!

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