A period of time and a place in the past I would like to see (5). Время и место в прошлом, которое я бы хотел увидеть.

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If I could go back to some time and place in the past, I would choose my childhood and my hometown. There it was full of my child"s happy days. Especially nowadays, I live in a metro city full of chaos, traffic and pollution.

I would never forget the clear stream in my hometown. My friends and I used to swim and fish in the water, and play on the grass nearby. Currently I am still looking for such a nice place for my child, but I cannot find it anymore.

I have lost contact with my close friends in my childhood for nearly twenty years. Their appearances are still kept in my memory. Their honesty, naive and helpful characters taught me what is real friendship. Perhaps they were all married and even have children, perhaps they have achieved their childhood dreams one way or the other, and perhaps they are struggling for living just like me. I wish we could get together sometime like our childhood years, free from worries about the future.

I still remember my hometown in New Year times. Every child was dressed well, and got more freedom from their parents than other days in the year. Everyone in my hometown was happily talking about their harvests and their plans in the next year. Needless to say, us children can enjoy lots of delicious foods in such days.

During my childhood days, I lived happily and healthily in a beautiful environment, and I had very close friends. I wish I could go back to enjoy my cherished memories again.

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