Has telephone made communication less personal (1)? Сделал ли телефон общение менее личным?

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Since the beginning of humankind people need to communicate with each other. After the development of languages and thanks to the incredible ability of mankind to advance, nowadays we enjoy the use of many different types of communication. Letters, the Internet, or telephone allows us to communicate freely with the rest of the world.

In spite of above mentioned, I agree with the statement that new types of communications have made contacts between people less personal.

Unfortunately, the technology age we live in forces us to adopt the contemporary way of communication, which is almost impersonal. While hurrying to work more and more, chasing our aims, or focusing only on money making, practically we have forgotten that one of our primary social needs is to communicate face-to-face. To save time we often prefer to send an email or to make a phone call than to have a simple face-to-face talk with our friends or parents, for example.

Furthermore, those types of impersonal communications will sooner or later place us into isolation. Nowadays, we are often afraid to make new acquaintances; we have troubles to express ourselves when we communicate face-to-face; or we experience difficulties to hold an informal conversation. What is more, we find much easier to communicate with other people by email and phone.

Not only do we forget about our simple role as social members but we also do not enjoy it as we did before. Modern technology has made connections between people so impersonal that we are at the threshold of a new single world culture. This fact gives the answer to the question why so many people of our generation are victims of the illness called loneliness.

Although telephones and the Internet have made contacts between people much more easier, our virtual friends will remain virtual and a simple call will not substitute the hours we can spend with our families. Therefore, I truly believe that nothing can replace personal, face-to-face communication between people.

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