What person in history you would like to meet (2)? Какую историческую личность вы хотели бы встретить?

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There are many famous people in the history of human beings. And I want to meet almost all of them if possible. But if only one choice is available for me, I will choose the great thinker Confucius without hesitation. The reason for my decision goes as follow.

In the first place, from my point of view, Confucius had a great influence on the culture and history from ancient time to present society in China and almost no one could be comparable with him in this respect. At the earliest of human society, Confucius firstly advocated education and civilization and taught Chinese people how to build a civilianized relationship among people. There is no doubt that this idea benefited the development of the Chinese society. It is the result of education that makes Chinese people create abundant culture from one generation to the next. Therefore, Confucius had a significant influence on Chinese history.

In the second place, Confucius encouraged people to respect their parents, treat their friends honestly and have a loyal heart to their emperors. At that time, only when people accepted these ideas could they really understand their own responsibilities for family and the society. Without these Confucius thinking, people may not know what is supposed to be the correct behaviors when they live with family or survive in the society. It is Confucius"s idea that gave them a clear guidance. Until now, these ideas still have great effects to the behavior of present people.

Last but not least, Confucius has broad knowledge in many areas, such as literature, astronomy and geography etc. It is this knowledge that helped him complete many famous works. Experts from all over the world have paid great attention on the research of these famous books because many useful ideas in the books are still beneficial to our society. For example, Confucius advocated that humans should live in harmony with nature. In the present society, people destroy forests in some areas, so living environment of human being has been damaged seriously. If we had observed Confucius ideas, this would not have happened.

In conclusion, Confucius is a great and famous thinker in the history of China. He provided us with the basic idea of education and civilization in human society, created the guidance of behavior for families and the society, and left us with abundant spiritual works. Therefore, he is the one who I want to meet most. I really hope that someday time could go back, so that I would meet him in the actual world.

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