What person in history you would like to meet (3)? Какую историческую личность вы хотели бы встретить?

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If I could travel back in time to meet a famous person from history, I would like to meet Christopher Columbus. Without a doubt he was one of the greatest people who have ever lived. I choose him not only because he found America in 1492, but also because he had all the qualities that can define a successful person to me: brave, adventure spirit, attic faith, determination and perseverance.

First of all, I am strongly impressed with his daring and adventurous spirit. What he wanted to do, in the eyes of the public at that time, was a risk. Risking his life, in addition to a number of ships and other people"s lives. But he had great courage and had success.

Secondly, his attic faith in the scientific theory that the earth was round had also led him to success. Despite the fact that most people still adhered to the belief that the earth was flat and that ships would fall off the edge, if they sailed too far in any direction. Columbus trusted the scientific theory, which was accepted only by few intellectual elites. It was his voyage that proved it.

Another great attribute from Columbus is his strong will and perseverance. If I could meet him, I would ask him how, after having his idea—voyage to India by a daring new route, namely, westward—rejected by the English, French and Portuguese courts, he still found the courage to ask yet another monarch to support him. I would like to hear what Columbus said to the King and Queen of Spain to convince them that this plan would be profitable for them, when they knew that he had been turned down by three other monarchs and any amount of money, supplies, or men with which they provided him could potentially be a total loss. Columbus was so determined that he finally convinced them.

If I could have a chance, meeting Columbus would be my first choice. In my eyes I see Columbus as a man "...more stupendous than those which Heaven has permitted..." no matter what anyone says.

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