I would like to meet Michael Jordan. Я бы хотел встретиться с Майклом Джорданом.

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If I have the opportunity to meet a famous entertainer or athlete, I would like to meet Michael Jordan.

Jordan was neither tall nor strong in his childhood, but he never gave up playing basketball. He has huge success today as a legendary guy in the basketball history, and is a god for all the basketball fans all around the world. I think the reason of his success is because his diligence, courage and his strong inner desire to win. All these are what I admire most of him.

Jordan won six championships of NBA. That was the heydays of Jordan. Six rings! That is every NBA player"s dream. Someone spent many years in order to get a ring but failed, like Carl Malone, and King Baylor. Jordan got six! His last ring was won by his exciting shoot, which was once considered the last and perfect moment in his life and a best end for his history of playing basketball.

Jordan"s name was linked with "perfect" when people mentioned Jordan. A great deal of courage is needed for one to break off the word "perfect" which he used years to establish, but Jordan did it. He came back again, not as a god, but as a common basketball player. He was no longer young and could not act has what he did when his young. There are even some fans that opposed him to come back; they did not want to see their god beaten by the youth. In the opposite, Jordan did quite well, though not as good as before, but better than what we all imagined. He, a nearly forty-year-old man with two injured knees, led Wizards get much better marks than it did last year. He could still sometimes score more than forty points. What support him is the steadfast belief he had and the strong love of basketball. This gave him the unbelievable strength.

If I saw him, I wanted to ask him how he managed to gain the desire and where does this love come from, maybe Jordan would just give me a smile and say, "I love this game!"

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