I would like to meet Julia Roberts. Я бы хотел встретиться с Джулией Робертс.

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Everyone dreams to be handsome, rich and happy. Famous actors and actresses, pop stars or athletes are so popular because they realized the dreams many ordinary people have. If I could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, this person will be Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts is a very talented actress. She can play many characters and each one is new and different. She seems to become the person she is portraying and gives a 100% to the performance. Pretty Women is my favorite because it was the first Julia movie that I saw and it was her big break. I still watch the movie to this day and enjoy it. Steel Magnolias is 2nd. Julia was in the company of a very talented cast and held her own. It is a classic, something you always enjoy watching.

I loved Notting Hill because the movie was full of many emotions. It made you feel happy after seeing it. I enjoy all of her movies. I see them even if the critics dish the movie. If she is in a movie I know her performance will be worth seeing. Her Oscar was very worthy of her as she was of it. Her Oscar was a long time coming. I am sure we can all look forward to many more great films to come and her always Oscar winning performance. Julia Roberts is not only beautiful, but she executes the characters she plays so well, that she can almost bring us to tears almost.

If I had a chance to meet Julia, I would also thank her for always thinking of the poor and the needed. After the disaster in New York and Pennsylvania, her face looked the sincerest of all of the stars. Also, I heard on the news that Julia gave $2 million as a tribute. Recently, you pleaded at US congress for money on a children"s disease. Thank Julia for helping with such a kind heart especially during a time when so many have lost so much! I know that they appreciate your support and thoughtfulness, Julia.

Such is Julia Roberts, a pretty woman and America"s sweet heart, and she is the star that I definitely want to meet the most.

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