Weather. Погода.

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The weather is an essential factor for ones comfort. I strongly believe it is important to live in a place where the climate is just for you. As far as I am concerned, I have lived all my life in a four-season climate and I cannot imagine myself stay, at least not for a long period of time, in a place where the weather is the same all year long.

There are several reasons for which I prefer the weather to be diverse. Firstly, if not only the climate but also the geography is also divers life can be much more exciting than in place where the climate and de relief are all the same. On of the advantages that I encountered is the fact that I do not have to travel to distant locations to enjoy either winter, or summer. I just have to be patient for several months and I can go skiing in the mountains, or on the contrary, swimming by the sea. Also I had the chance to spend one Christmas in Florida, and I felt so strange. Christmas seemed so unnatural and sad without the joy that snow brings. Without snow Christmas, looks fake, or at that is how it looked to me.

Also spring are autumn are so beautiful that I can hardly imagine how a year will be without them. My good mood depends on the changing of the seasons. Once the spring is all over the country, I just can wait for the summer. Diverse climate makes my life, in a way, much more dynamic. I love to observe how nature changes the trees. They have flowers in spring; they are green in summer, colorful in autumn, and white in winter. Is not that wonderful?

The alternation of seasons is quite important for me. My life as a whole is guided by the shifts in the yearlong climate. I think life in a changing weather is much more dynamic and exciting. I would not choose, for nothing in the world, to live in the same climate all year long. My life can be full of joy only if the nature around me is permanently changing.

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