Qualities of a good roommate (2). Черты характера хорошего соседа по комнате.

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Each of us, when attending a university, might live with one or more roommates. During that period of campus yeas, we spend a lot of time with them. Thus, the relationship with a roommate affects not only our life but also our study results. I would prefer to have a roommate who is friendly and helpful.

A roommate is a person who lives closest to us during university time. Every day we meet and talk to him. Therefore, it is very important that he is friendly. Imaging, after some stressful hours in your class or library, you come back to your dorm room where your roommate is in. He gives you nice smile and ask you how thing are going. I am sure that you will feel relieve all strains and this circumstance brings you the feeling of being home.

Being helpful is also an essential characteristic of a good roommate. I would say that, most of the students who live in university hostel are far from their home. That means, if some accidents such as being ill or injured happen, you cannot rely on your parents or close relatives. In this scenario, the roommate is very helpful. He could call an ambulance or drive you to the hospital.

Let me conclude by saying that, in our life, we may encounter many difficulties or stress, but we should make our own lives more meaningful by being friendly and helpful to other people. In this sense, being a good roommate is also being a good person.

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