Dancing and its role in the woild culture (2). Роль танца в мировой культуре.

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I cannot imagine that there is a person who would disagree with the statement that dancing plays an important role in a culture. Every culture, that I have known, has its own specific dance. In addition, dancing has not only an important role in a culture but it also is an inseparable part of it.

Since the beginning of humankind dances have played am important role in every culture because while dancing people can express different moods and feelings, or they can practice various religious and cultural rituals. In the modern society, dancing still remains the most significant part of the cultural life of all primitive tribes such as Bushmen in Africa, Aborigines in Australia or Indians in North America.

If we take a deeper look at the cultural life of modern society we will see that dancing have played an extremely important role for many generations of people. Dancing has marked people as the Jazz generation, the Rock-and-roll generation, the Disco generation, the Techno generation, or the Rap generation. Actually, every Dancing generation has been characterized by specific moral and ethic rules, and cultural traditions have been changing to a certain extend.

Anthropologists give a definition to the word "culture" as common ideas, traditions, religion and customs that are shared by a particular group of people or a particular society. As dancing have always been means for people to show their belongings to a certain society, it has become an important part of the culture of any community or nation. In conclusion I would say that if people manage to protect their national dancing from oblivion, I am sure that they will keep the spirit of their predecessors alive for good.

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