Exploring outer space. Исследование космоса.

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Managing the government spending properly has always been a concern for all countries in the world. Some nations spend a lot of money on outer space explorations, while others focus on providing the basic needs for their people. As far as I am concerned, I believe that governments should spend more money on social benefits, education and health care rather than wasting money in other aspects.

Of course, exploring the outer space and traveling to planets such as the Moon are surely very important to the human society. It increases our knowledge and understanding about the space and the universe as a whole. However, this should be a secondary matter for the governments. Spending too much money would be a waste of money. Governments" top priority should always be satisfying the basic needs of their people.

All countries in the world ought to provide enough financial resources for schools. If there is no investment from the government, children will not be well educated and they may not have an opportunity to go to a university. Therefore, it is important to ensure that everyone will be able to pursue and fulfill his or her own educational goals. Universities should have the latest collection of books and up-to-date sources of information. All schools should build new classrooms and other facilities.

Another point that we must consider is making sure that the government will have enough spending for social benefits and the health care. We should construct more hospitals and rehabilitation centers both in the cities and in the countryside. We ought to generate more money to guarantee the life of old people and disabled people. The government should also provide free health and medical care for all the population. They have the responsibility to assist the poor people who do not have basic resources to survive. The state government should also help unemployed and underemployed individuals. The society itself will benefit from the expenditures of the government toward social benefits. Furthermore, it will promote the economic growth and the development of all the countries. In conclusion, governments should spend less money on explorations of the outer space because it is less urgent. Instead, state governments have to concentrate their attention on social benefits as well as education for future generations. Financing social programs is no doubt their primary duty.

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