My roommate. Мой сосед по комнате.

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Some students do not prefer to have the university choose their roommate. However, as far as I am concerned, this is part of the university experience. Therefore, I would rather have the university assign a roommate to share a room with me. I base my views on the following reasons. First of all, even though the university will assign, it is actually not totally a matter of chance. For instance, we all filled out information sheets. The school knows what we are majoring in, what our interests are, and our study habits and our goals. I think they are probably very good at matching roommates using this information. Besides, if a mistake is made, I can change my room assignment next semester.

Secondly, it is a lot of work to choose your own roommate. For example, if I did want to choose my own roommate, I would first pick some candidates from the list supplied by the university. Then I would write to them and they would write back. Through our letters, we would find out if we shared common interests, such as sports or movies. Because of my investigation, I would probably get someone compatible with me. However, it takes time and labor to go through, though. Besides, the process of finding similar interests is not all that different from what the university does.

Finally, trying to predict whom I am going to get along with is not a science. I might choose someone who sounds just like me and still find that the two of us just do not get along as roommates.

Besides, I think it would be boring to room with somebody who is just the same as me. I would rather be with someone who has different interests and likes to do different things. Maybe I would even get a roommate from another culture.

In conclusion, having the university choose a student to share a room is a far better choice for me. Assigning roommate in body may suit some students. However, I think it is always important to meet new people when we enter a university. Besides, another reason I am going to the university is to be exposed to a lot of new experiences. These new things would allow me mature in character.

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