Should students evaluate their teachers? Должны ли ученики оценивать своих учителей?

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I am always amazed when I hear people saying that students have no rights to evaluate their teachers, and that if they do so, they should be regarded as dishonest. Even one did not know from concrete examples that schools should ask students to voice what they think of their teachers, one can deduce it from general principals.

It is true that a young man, one of the students, may be conceited, ill-mannered, presumptuous or fatuous, but no one will have the ability to make sure that all teachers are not behaving like this. When a student has some fault, it is the teacher"s duty to tell him what he should do; on the other hand, when a teacher does wrong, others, including his students, are bound to let him know. It is as if, sometimes, that what many teachers have done are devoid of any mistake, however, the way they taught still deserve improvements. In schools, students try to develop abilities and skills, and prepare for their careers in the future. It is true that what they get from schools may be perfectly adapted to the society during a certain period of time, but the world is not still; it is changing all the time. What is learned today may become outdated tomorrow. As a result, teachers, who are bound to make improvements of what they teach according to the reflections of the society, should be evaluated by their students.

Furthermore, giving students the right to evaluate their teachers help create the air of freedom in schools. This is especially important to inspire students" thought, and to encourage them to think. If students are not allowed to voice what they think of their teacher, they will have to do what the teachers tell them exactly, only to become robots that can to do nothing other than following instructions.

Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that it is significantly necessary to ask students to express what they think of their teachers, and this does good to the students, to the teachers, and to the society as a whole.

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