Science and art (1). Наука и искусство.

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Science and art are two main streams of knowledge accumulated from ancient times by human beings. They have their own characteristics and provide to the society their contributions, which benefit the world in which we live. Some people think that the contributions of scientists are higher than that of the artists. Before I give my opinion, I want to see the two sides first.

Science is defined mostly as the knowledge related to the natural world. I think most of its domains are involved in material things, such as food, housing, clothing, transport, etc. It is usually easy for people to feel the existence and progress of science, because it is usually taking place around us they are apparent. In the past and present, science has changed our life a great deal, and I believe in future, it will continue to improve the world we live in.

Art is more related to our spiritual world. It has a long history, too. It has developed coincided with science. Art helps us to appreciate the beauty that exists in life. Many people admit that art can nourish their minds and refine their spiritual world. In this respect, art is a good complement to science.

I can hardly tell which one has more weight in terms of the contributions to the society. They are both indispensable in this world. The history of human has proven this. So I do not think it is wise and safe to say that one of them is more important than the other. As far as I am concerned, I think they both weigh profoundly with regard to the contributions to the society.

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