Science and art (2). Наука и искусство.

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Social benefit, I think, can be defined as the profit that people who live in the society can share and appreciate. When we compare the contributions of artists and scientists, it is quiet difficult to outweigh one of which. However, it is because we tend to easily find the contributions of scientists to our daily life that I am on the side of those who contribute to the society in a tangible way. Now I would like to illustrate some examples that support my opinion.

First of all, all the appliances such as televisions, personal computers and microwaves ovens that we use in our daily life are contributed by the scientists" efforts and aspirations. Nowadays, we can barely survive without those products that always help with our daily tasks. Most of those are the great invention that is developed in the past 50 years. Almost all people in the society can share those contributions. Scientists" contributions are more than just inventing those appliances. Thanks to their tremendous perspiration, our mental and physical health is ensured and protected in many ways. Newly developed technologies help physicians to practice operations. A number of medicines relieve and alleviate our illnesses. Those improvements in the medical field can easily make people to admire scientists" contributions.

On the other hand, artists" contributions are sometimes difficult to appreciate. There are a variety of buildings with artistic forms that are designed by artists. However ordinary people cannot truly appreciate those great works. In view of social benefits, those contributions are less important to people in the society. Therefore, artists" contributions to the society are unfortunately less attractive for me.

With the illustrations above, I definitely believe that scientists contribute more to our society. Although life without artists" works is dull and meaningless, we cannot survive with the contributions of scientists for sure.

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